Our Team

Of all our assets, our greatest is the team we have acquired over the fifteen-year span Bellisi Design has been in business. Included in these carefully cultivated relationships are leading cabinet and wood shops, skilled craftsmen, interior designers, architects, and business consultants to ensure that we will achieve the finest quality end product.

Bellisi Design is proud to employ Finish Carpenters that are passionate about their performance, their personal reputation, and their ability to showcase their skill set through their detailed craftsmanship. Our desire to listen and communicate effectively on each project will prove a pleasant experience from fruition to completion. You will be thrilled with the level of craftsmanship, finish, and our attention to detail.

Nicole Lucatorto

Nicole Lucatorto joined Bellisi Design in 2018 as Accounts Manager after having worked in the construction industry for six years with accounting experience. She is responsible for all accounting tasks, including monthly billings to clients, monitoring insurance requirements, and payroll. Nicole’s strong attention to detail and exemplary organization skills make her one of the greatest assets to the team.

Katherine Quiñonez

Katherine is a CSUN graduate with a bachelor in Deaf Studies. She is organized, responsible and skillful which makes her a great office assistant. She is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and signing American Sign Language, she has become very helpful when communicating with other coworkers.

Jason Stephan

Jason Stephan started his carpentry career back when he was still in high school. Over the years, he worked his way up from an apprentice to being a master carpenter. As a result of his tireless work ethic, attention to detail and managerial skills, Jason was promoted to Senior Project Manager. Jason’s skill set and ability to plan, coordinate and execute tasks has played a crucial role in the overall success and timely completion of numerous Bellisi Design projects.

David Andrews

After graduating from Loyola Marymount with a bachelor’s degree in Film Production, David Andrews built a career in Movie Distribution. With years of management experience, he decided to shift gears and pursue another career, which led him to organize and oversee the construction of high-end homes in Los Angeles as a Project Estimator and Project Engineer for the Bellisi team.

Josh Graham

Josh Graham is a native of Los Angeles who began his carpentry career after working as a Computer programmer following his studies at Trinity Western College. Josh’s hobbies are hunting and mechanist work, however carpentry began as a hobby at the early age of fourteen and has now turned into not only his passion but his career. His decision to change his career path into carpentry has been a great success due to his analytical mind and problem-solving capabilities. Josh has been with the company since 2017 and it is his characteristics and work ethic that led to his promotion as a Project Manager for the team. He brings knowledge and experience that make him a well-rounded Project Manager.
“Working for Bellisi is rad” -Josh Graham

Jonathan Chavez

Jon always loved wood shop class in school and knew from an early age that he wanted to build. He started off as a painter and learned the basics of carpentry throughout the years such as: installing doors, windows, base, case, and crown molding. Besides carpentry, he also enjoys disk golf, surfing, and snowboarding. Jon has been working at Bellisi Design for almost a year now; however, with nineteen years of experience, ten of them strictly in finish carpentry, he has now become a Project Manager. Learning something new every day and keeping the comradery and professionalism with our carpenters has been a great experience for him.

Peter Vizcaino

Peter graduated from Southwest Regional Carpentry School and began his career when he joined the Carpenter’s Union in 2003. His knowledge and many years of experience has helped him succeed in the carpentry industry. Peter enjoys the craftsmanship in high-end homes and seeing the results of his and his coworkers’ dedicated work. His contribution to Bellisi Design over the years has become essential and advanced him to a Junior Project Manager position.

Eduardo Aguirre

Eddie was presented with the opportunity to get involved in the carpentry industry when a family member worked at a woodshop. Aside from his nine years of experience being a carpenter, Eddie has shown to be hardworking and fully committed to succeeding in this industry making him a great addition to Bellisi Design. Throughout the four years working with our team, Eddie’s managerial skills and forward thinking led him to be promoted to the position of Project manager.

Adam Nenstiel

Adam got introduced to carpentry when he helped his father who was a carpenter, at jobsites. Besides carpentry, Adam enjoys surfing and fishing. He has been working with Bellisi Design for six years and likes working with the team because he enjoys the work atmosphere. He studied carpentry for three years at Ashton Vo-tech and started his career as a carpenter at McLaughlin Carpentry. Adam now has nine years of experience in carpentry, five years in finish carpentry with Bellisi Design. His strong work ethic, knowledge and leadership qualities has earned him the position of Project Manager at Bellisi Design.

Pascual Rodriguez

As a kid, Pascual used to build tree houses from his father’s engine crates where he developed an interest in carpentry. Pascual studied pure mathematics at UC Riverside and was able to use his knowledge and skills in other aspects of his life which led him to this career. His first carpentry job was working with cabinets where he gained a lot of experience in not only cabinets but millwork as well. Pascual now has over eighteen years of experience, fifteen of those in finish carpentry and five years in foreman position. His favorite hobbies are traveling, cooking, and playing video games with his kids but overall spending time with his family. Pascual has been working with Bellisi Design for more than 7 years; he brings great work-ethic, knowledge, experience, and positive attitude that plays a pivotal role in our team, making him a proficient project manager.

"I love being able to come to work... Danny and Jason, give me the opportunity to bring ideas on paper to fruition. That is something I truly like about working for Bellisi Design." - Pascual Rodriguez

Danny Bellisi

Danny Bellisi, president and founder of Bellisi Design, Inc. started the company fifteen years ago after a successful career of working as a Journeyman to Master Carpenter. Danny graduated the Southern California Carpenters Union Apprenticeship Program in 2002, and at the age of twenty-one, passed the State license exam with the intention to start his own business. Danny’s ambitious attitude and eagerness to apply his personal touch to Luxury Homes in Los Angeles led him to scale the business from a small-time operation to a multi-million-dollar company.